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The Number One DJ Booking Widget

Bookya’s Booking Widget is a secure, fast and convenient way for people to submit booking requests, from your website

Cross-platform Bookings

Don’t be tied to just your own website & email. The widget can be implemented anywhere you want! We’re also working on a Facebook version - coming very soon.

Save Time

Your widget offers a login functionality for Promoters, saving them the hassle of filling in their personal & venue details every time. The form will also prevent you from having to email back-and-forward to get the full information you need - it’s all in the form.

It’s for free - no strings attached

Bookya will never charge you for having the widget anywhere on the web. Bookya will never charge any type of booking-fee. You are the one entertaining the people, you deserve the full Artist Fee.

Add the Booking Widget to Your Website

The Bookya Booking Widget enables people to make booking requests from your website or Facebook page. When people submit booking requests through the widget, you will receive the booking information through an in-app notification and email. The only thing that’s required is for you to have a Bookya user account and an Artist Profile, which are completely free.


Step 1. Login To Your Bookya Account

Before you add Bookya Booking Widget, you would need to login to your Bookya account. Haven’t got a account yet? Don’t worry, this is completely free of charge and only takes a minute to set up.

Login to Bookya Signup to Bookya

Step 2. Choose An Artist From Your Profile

Choose the artist profile from your account you want to integrate in your Bookya Booking Widget. Or you may create a new artist

You need to login to your Bookya account.

Step 3. Choose where you would like the Booking widget to appear

You need to login to your Bookya account.

Step 4. Add Book Now Button Anywhere On Your Site

Copy & paste the script anywhere on your site, where you want the Book Now Button to show.

You need to login to your Bookya account.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am running a Booking Agency, can I have the widget for my whole roster?
Yes, you can! And yes, it’s also free for you :) Please get in touch with us and we’ll happily set it up for you.
Do I need a Bookya Profile to have the Booking Widget?
Yes, you need to have an activated DJ-Profile within Bookya to get the Booking Widget.
How do I receive the Booking Requests?
If you have the app installed, you’ll receive in-app notifications. But we’ll also email every Booking Request directly to the email-address you registered with.
Can anyone fill in the form?
Yes, anyone can. It does offer a login functionality for existing Bookya Users; but it’s not required to have one.
Can I modify the input-fields?
For now this is not possible. Our aim is to work towards a more standardised music-industry. We do happily take your feedback and requests; which we will use for following versions.
Can I use a different button?
Yes, you can choose any button you wish.
Can I have a different theme, or different colors?
No, not yet. We might introduce this in one of the later versions.
The button appears on my site, but it doesn’t activate the Widget, what’s wrong?
Check if you put the script code all the way at the bottom. Feel free to contact us if it’s still not working.
What should the HTML look like?
			<!DOCTYPE html>
				<title>Your Site</title>
				<meta charset="UTF-8">
				<meta name="description" content="" />
				<meta name="keywords" content="" />
				Your Content...
				<!-- Button goes here with your Artist ID //-->
				<button class="bookya-booking" data-artist="Your Artist ID">Book Now</button>
					<!-- after the body-tag load this javascript //-->
					<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>